How do i talk like a native English speaker?

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Talking like a native English speaker involves a few key aspects. Let's find a logical answer to this question. Two months is probably not enough to get to near-native level. But you can improve your Eglish significantly even this two months?

How do native speakers communicate?

By listening and speaking - asking and answering questions, interrupting each other in conversations, giving suggestions, making presentations, taking telephone calls. I can continue this, but you hae already got my point.

By writing - E-mail, reports, answering questions on social media such as Quora. And so on.

So, now, why would anyone decide to spend these two months on reading a book "about English", watching TED talks that you can't really follow, or learning vocabulary with flashcards.

How does all this help you improve?

It does only a little. Basically, it does not. And it never will.

Until you start using your English. Until you start speaking, listening and writing it every day. This should be the main part of your language practise, and not flashcards or books.

Now, the difficult question:

How do i start speaking if i don't have native speakers around?

I did. Without any native speakers. In the pre-internet era, I wouldn't be able to do it. But once you have internet connection - yes, I was able to, and you can do it too.

Start speaking to yourself . Find people online to talk to. And not necessarily ony native speakers. Start speaking English to your friends who are also dreaming about learning English. If they stop dreaming and start speaking, like you do, you will suddenly find yourself a partner to talk to.

Listen to real-life conversations in English. But don't just listen-talk to them, ask them questions, rephrase what they are saying, agree and disagree with them. Everything you would be doing when you normally talk to people in your own language.