Habitual Eating

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As a Habitual Eater, you usually go for the same foods, or eat the same foods every day. You crave routine, and eating the same foods is part of that. You don't have the time, don't care, or don't know how to incorporate other foods. You're in a routine and you have

The 4 characteristics of an Habitual Eater:

  1. You typically eat at the same time each day

When it comes to eating, you’re usually on a schedule or in a routine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hungry or not, you’d rather eat lunch everyday at noon because that’s what you’re used to. When your routine gets disrupted, you feel stressed and it’s hard to get back on track.

  1. You’re usually distracted when you eat

In conjunction with not eating when you’re actually hungry, you’re also not paying attention to the food that you’re eating or how much you’re eating. You’re usually engaged in something else when eating – whether it be work, social media, or TV, food doesn’t take priority.

  1. You tend to go for the same foods

As a Habitual Eater, you usually go for the same foods, or eat the same foods every day. You crave routine, and eating the same foods is part of that. You don’t have the time, don’t care, or don’t know how to incorporate other foods.

  1. You feel stuck in your current ways, and don’t know how to move forward

You’re in a routine and you have confidence in that. But something that you’re doing isn’t working, and you’re not sure what. You feel stuck. You’re not sure what to change, and actually making changes makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Now, are you curious to how you can continue to support yourself in creating and maintaining balanced eating habits? (And also, how to get ‘unstuck’ from your usual ways and routine? Remember, what you’re doing likely isn’t working or moving the needle forward!)

We’ll walk you through a mindfulness exercise that our students in our Your Nourished Route self-paced program learn to build consistent eating habits that are stress-free.

One of the skills that you can (and should,) learn to incorporate into your everyday routine is to be more mindful about your eating habits and check in with yourself more frequently. This can help you to make more intentional choices when it comes to your eating habits and find more balance in your food choices.

When it comes time to eat, or if you’re thinking about food, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I currently feeling – am I hungry? Am I full?
  • Why do I want to eat now? Is it for emotional reasons? Am I stressed?
  • Are there distractions around me?
  • Am I in the mindset of putting a food into “good” vs “bad” categories

In doing so, you’re more likely to continue on your health journey, be more mindful about your food choices, and create eating behaviors that are effective, easy, and joyful. And the last question that you can always ask yourself is “What can I add to this meal or snack to make it more nourishing?” 

This is a simple tactic that can be a game changer when it comes to your eating habits and reaching (and sustaining) your nutrition goals! When we’re so committed to our health and nutrition, we often focus on what we can eliminate or restrict. Instead, if we change our mindset to what we can ADD to a meal, we can find food more enjoyable. This will make your life (and cooking,) easier, more efficient, and less overwhelming.

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