Aliexpress Review – The Best Marketplace

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Aliexpress Review – Top best Shopping E-Commerce and Marketplace is one of the world’s biggest shopping is commercial name of Alibaba.

Aliexpress is one of the world’s biggest shopping web site, Aliexpress is the commercial name of Alibaba the Chinese tech giant. Aliexpress is often compared to Amazon because they are both very big but the comparison ends there, Aliexpress has a completely different business model. Why would it matter to you? With Aliexpress you deal directly with the seller in China while with Amazon, you mostly deal with Amazon. On one side it’s good because it drives the costs down but on the other side you have to deal with small Chinese companies or Chinese individuals.
Official site: Aliexpress

I made my first purchase on Aliexpress in 2014 and today I’m above 100 products ordered. I’m globally very happy with Aliexpress but to be honest sometimes it doesn’t go very well, that’s why I wanted to share my experience to help you get the best out of Aliexpress. Read more!