What Is Old Money Aesthetic?

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Recently, discussions and advice on how to dress according to the "old money aesthetic" have been gaining momentum on social media. Along with the fact that many people have become inspired by the style and concept of old money imagery, there has been some discussion about the

One of the popular styles that both girls and guys want to recreate is old money aesthetic. It is understated, sophisticated, and aesthetically pleasing. It has a simple yet luxurious look. Nowadays, you can often see people creating their images inspired by this style. Of course, slightly remodeled it for themselves and in a modern way. Looking expensive and presentable without spending money, will tell you the aesthetics of old money. To be like the generic rich of the XX century, young bloggers change their style of clothing, refusing bright colors and jeans. The author of Medialeaks has figured out what to wear, what movies to watch, and what hobbies to take up to get into the trend. To create an old money image, you don't always need to spend thousands of hryvnias on things from famous brands. The palette can inspire you, the main elements of this style, accessories and create an image of your clothes. We will tell you about the characteristics of the old money style and how to combine things with each other to look aristocratic.

History of Old Money Aesthetic

The old money aesthetic originated in America in the late 1920s when local aristocrats, who received the best education, lived on luxurious country estates, and spent summers in Europe, created timeless fashion that exuded a relaxed sense of elitism. Old Money is characterized by minimalism, comfortable yet refined tailoring, luxurious fabrics, and a preference for neutral colors. Above all, relaxation and comfort are prioritized, as members of elitist families do not usually engage in traditional labor. And now in 2023, fashion bloggers on social networks are advising on how to dress in Old Money style. Its main appeal is the opportunity to create a closet for several years to come, with the guarantee that you will always look elegant.

Old Money Aesthetic – Defined

Old money aesthetic is this summer's top trend, which was relevant back in the 1990s but has now regained popularity amongst major baby boomers and fashion influencers. The term "old money" refers to individuals and families who have had significant wealth over several generations. Born into wealth, heirs were often considered conservative and traditional people who valued an aristocratic lifestyle of simplicity and elegance over wealth and ostentation. The "old money aesthetic" refers to the style of millionaires and their children who were born and live their lives in luxury. As a rule, they are people from countries where there is no aristocracy, such as the United States. The old money style has a parallel with the trend for "quiet luxury", but it is not so "quiet". It includes things in neutral shades from white and beige to black and brown, made of quality materials. The image is based on basic things of a fitted silhouette, supplemented with accessories with a retro bias in the form of a scarf with a print, expensive jewelry and bags, a belt at the waist, and glasses in vintage style. As well as tweed suits, tennis, and racing aesthetics.

Old money is about luxury in clothing and lifestyle, characteristic of previous generations. Old money aesthetics began to emerge in the late 20th and early 21st century in America. The local aristocracy of the time derived its own formula of elite taste, to which even everyday things had to conform. Representatives of old money were often royalty or from very wealthy families. These people from birth lived in comfort and did not know the need. It is worth noting that old money is not only about wealthy families but also about appearance. Old money aesthetic is not about wearing expensive clothes, it is about looking stylish and sophisticated while remaining open, simple, and charismatic, not arrogant. The words "money'', "luxury," and "wealth" are associated with baroque interiors, a lady in furs, and an abundance of expensive gold jewelry. Is this what people who favor the "old money" aesthetic look like? Obviously not. The main features of this style are comfort, elegance, and restraint.

"Old Money Aesthetic" Outfit Elements

In fact, putting together a bow in the "old money aesthetic" is not that difficult, because the image will be based on basic clothes and colors. The clothes of the young rich reflected their lives and daily hobbies: students of private schools or students of Ivy League universities chose classic shirts, jackets, and suits, for hunting – high boots and polos, for sports – tennis skirts and bicycles. In addition, the characteristic feature of the style will be knitted sweaters, because they are versatile and comfortable.

The color scheme of the image plays an important role. If things do not fit together in color, it can spoil everything. And if you accurately match the shade of the shirt and pants, it can add value to things. The basic combination for old money aestheticis black and white. In the old money style, there are no bright acidic colors. Things are always predominantly classic deep colors: a lot of white, beige, black, brown, maybe present dark green, dark blue, etc. However, dilution of the outfit with gray, beige, or brown shades is welcome. Also, in this style, the French rule of three colors. It says that the image should contain two main colors and one accent color. For example, the blouse may be white, the skirt can be milky, and the jewelry can be delicate blue.

White – not just for weddings, understand the power of this color and know how to use it at the right time. Once white clothes could only be worn by the upper classes. Minimalism and neutral tones are the main criteria of the old style. The white colour is densely settled in the closets of high society representatives: firstly, it emphasizes their exclusivity, and secondly, it is combined with fashionable yachts, on which they like to rest. White will always look elegant, fresh, and chic.

Old money aesthetic does not allow wearing oversize clothes, deep necklines and strange necklines, cropped tops, or things with rhinestones and sequins, although sometimes there are exceptions. All elements of the suit in this style are laconic but good. The blouse will certainly be made of satin or lyocell, jacket, and pants - of wool or suit fabric. Ideal textures are tweed, silk, and cotton. When choosing prints, you should pay attention to the classic ones like a small "houndstooth" or cage.

Dressing in old money aesthetic means focusing on quality rather than quantity. It's important to look for well-fitting jackets, skirts, and pants in expensive fabrics like wool, silk, and cashmere. To make sure you don't go wrong, just stick to a neutral color palette such as black, navy blue, and beige. The key piece of the closet will be the blazer. Whether you pair it with jeans or a midi skirt, it will emphasize the look.

In the bohemian society of the old money aesthetic, deep necklines, strange necklines, and sequins are considered bad, although sometimes there are exceptions. The style does not flirt with oversized clothes and cropped tops (shortened T-shirts and T-shirts). All the elements of the suit are concise but of high quality. The blouse will necessarily be sewn from satin or lyocell (fabric made from eucalyptus wood), and the jacket and pants – from good wool or expensive suit fabric, necessarily on the figure.

How to Achieve the Classy Old Money Aesthetic?

The old money aesthetic attracts not only young bloggers who are trying their best to create their fashion bow or collect capsules of current outfits. This style is sure to appeal to older people - after all, we prioritize good taste, balanced image, and comfort, even when it comes to a solemn exit.

Get high-quality knitwear that won't stretch after the first wash, and will sit on you like a fit. Perfect for polo, turtleneck, pullover with V-neck, tight long sleeve, knitted vest, loose (but not oversize) knit dresses in the floor. For cool summer evenings, you will need a jacket, a light cardi or an elegant jacket, a classic long trench coat. All this without bright decor and flashy details – remember, restraint and elegance are very important to old money aesthetic. Dense or flowing fabrics will be the best companions for women of any age and status. Shirts tucked into pants or pencil skirts slightly off, and a light sweater thrown on top.

Choosing the right manicure is also an important step in achieving old money aesthetics. The most suitable manicure is classic French or neat nude nails. It is necessary to refrain from bright individuality and flashy designs if you want to look really expensive. From shoes, classic loafers, feminine sandals, white sneakers, comfortable mules, loafers, and jockey boots for cold seasons are preferred. Jewelry is a must! But here too, avoid pretentiousness – choose accessories that remain timeless. Categorically, not suitable conceptual, author's, or custom jewelry, also passes by geometric and futuristic models.